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Kids' Links

kids voting

Kids Voting USA: This website provides children a chance to vote online.

U.S. Treasury U.S. Treasury: Tours & Treasures, History, About Savings Bonds, Know Your Money, Bond Calculator, Dog of the Month, Bond Wizard,
About Your Legislature: Capital History, Capital Tour, State Symbols, Fun Facts, and More

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Department of State Department of State: Kids Page Florida Government, Facts, Symbols, Folklife, Shipwrecks, andMuseums
Peace Corps Peace Corps: What is the Peace Corps, How to Make A Difference, Explore theWorld, Food, Friends, and Fun
Department of Justice Department of Justice: Getting involved with crime prevention, Inside the courtroom, Internet Do's and Dont's
FBI: Kids and Youth Educational Page Crime Detections, Crime Prevention, Special Junior AgentProgram, Games
Florida Department of Agriculture: Kids' Page Florida Forests Forever, Planet Ag: Science Fair Projects, PlayFresh Friends, Five-A-Day: kids' Eat Right, Tips on HurricanePreparedness, Florida Agriculture in the Classroom, Fairs andLivestock Exhibitions, Florida State Fair, Agri-literacy.
Ben Ben's Guide: U.S. Government for Kids-these pages explain the process for Federal Officials.
Energy U.S. Department of Energy: KidzZoneThese pages offer interactive sections for kids' to learn aboutenergy.
Environmental United States Environmental Protection Agency: Explorer's ClubThis site allows children to learn about the environment and waysto keep it safe for the future.
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration: Welcome for KidsNASA offers a site geared towards the education of childreninterested in the space program
Whitehouse for KIDS

The Whitehouse for Kids: Location and History of the White House, About Our President, White House kids' and Pets,http://www.whitehouse.gov/kids/

Rock the Vote Rock The Vote: Rock the Vote is a program that has teamed up with MTV and hasgiven young adults the information and outlet to voice their views about the voting process.


The Honorable Shirley Green Knight Gadsden County Supervisor of Elections
16 South Madison Street, Quincy, Florida 32351 * Phone:(850) 627-9910
info@gadsdensoe.com * Office Hours: M-F 8:30 am - 5:00 pm * Find Directions